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  S. Megan Parker

  Megan became a registered neutral in law school and mediated hundreds of landlord-tenant and small claims   
 cases in Fulton County within the court-annexed mediation program before graduation. At the same time, she started working in the  insurance industry. A clerkship with an insurance company allowed her to easily transition into insurance litigation post-graduation. Megan has experience with both liability work and first-party property cases. She is knowledgeable about insurance concepts, including coverage defenses and bad faith allegations. 

 In addition to her legal experience, she excels at breaking down complex concepts into understandable language
 as well as analyzing and paring down vast amounts of information into the significant facts. In addition, she is
 adept at looking at a given situation from both sides, including investigating positions and finding key concessions. 
Prior to law school, Megan worked as a bank manager for a large financial institution. This experience allows Megan to understand a variety of other areas of dispute, including employment concerns, financial matters and business relationships. She is also comfortable with calculations and figures. Her customer service background helps her build a rapport with the parties and attorneys in order to present and discuss various options to help them reach a mutually agreeable solution. Megan believes in always identifying the needs of each side and tailoring discussions toward viable solutions.

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Take the road less could make all the difference.



Mediation Rosters:                                                                                                                                                                           
2008-Present    Fulton County Magistrate Court (small claims and dispossessory cases)                                                                                          
2012-Present    DeKalb County Magistrate Court (small claims and dispossessory cases)                                                                                         
2012-Present    DeKalb County State/Superior Court (civil matters)                                                                                        
2013-Present    DeKalb County State/Superior Court (domestic matters)
2013-Present    Gwinnett County State/Superior Court (civil and domestic matters)                                                                                                    
2013-Present    Cobb County Magistrate Court (small claims and dispossessory cases)                                                                                                       
2014-Present    Fulton County State/Superior Court (civil and domestic matters)                                                                                                                 
2014-Present    Clayton County Magistrate Court (small claims and dispossessory)
2014-Present    Clayton County State/Superior Court (civil and domestic matters)
2014-Present    Sixth District State/Superior Court (civil and domestic matters)
2015-Present    Seventh District State/Superior Court (civil and domestic matters)

Mediation Registration Categories:
General Mediation
Domestic Mediation
Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation

Bar Admission:
Georgia, 2009
Florida, 2010

JD  - Georgia State College of Law, Atlanta, GA
BA in Communication Studies - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Mediation Training:
General Mediation - Georgia State University, College of Law, 2008
Domestic and Family Mediation - Henning, 2013
Domestic Relations Practicum - Henning, 2013
Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation - Kennesaw State University, 2013
Employment Mediation - EEOC, 2014 

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