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Customer Testimonials

This was a very treacherous process, it was actually very stressful. However, Megan was exceptional with her procedures and dialogue. Thank you turning this experience into a very peaceful professional one.

~Edith, Divorce Customer

Megan [was] a joy to work with. The mediation process was effective & definitely not a hostile environment. Overall, this was a pleasant experience.

~Brittany Turner, Fulton County Customer

Great listener. Mediator was productive in the process. Great skills in trying to get to resolution in both parties and I was very satisfied.

~Lamar, Represented Customer 

PLEASE NOTE: Testimonials are provided with parties' consent. Names may be generalized due to confidentiality.

You took time to listen to me during my divorce mediation. I appreciate that very much.

~DeKalb County Customer 

Megan was a very effective mediator, able to politely but forcefully push both sides towards a resolution. Megan made an otherwise gut-wrenching experience go by with ease. I appreciated greatly your ability to move things alone fairly. Thank you.

~Serenity, Fulton County Customer

Very friendly. Megan made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She is patient and such a good listener.

~Fulton County Customer 

Attorney Testimonials

Another successful case resolution, thanks to Megan’s skill and expertise in handling tough personalities. Highly recommend.

~Leslie Ann Dunn, DeKalb County Attorney 


 Megan was patient and extremely helpful during this process. Thank you for your help in getting things resolved for my client.   

 ~DeKalb County Defense Counsel 

Very helpful, approachable and skilled.

~Plaintiff's Counsel

Megan was very receptive. She provided ample opportunity to discuss issues and concerns. My client and I are very satisfied with her services today.

~Dev Patel, Fulton County Attorney

Megan did a great job as our mediator in a difficult legitimation case. Megan was very professional while also relatable to my client. She was prepared with the required forms to ensure that we left with a signed agreement including all terms. Because of her we were able to find a compromise that settled the case. I recommend her and will use her again in future cases.

~Peter Rivner, DeKalb County Attorney

Great mediator. Very helpful with exceptionally contentions clients.

~DeKalb County Attorney